I was born in Barcelona in 1975. After graduating in Advertising and PR at the university I turned to photography, assisting many big names between 1999 and 2003 (José Manuel Ferrater, Tony Kaye, Robert Wyatt, Dimitri Daniloff or Esther Haase, among others). Since then I'm on a constant exploration of beauty through simplicity, trying to apply that aesthetic in my works -mainly beauty, lingerie and portrait- and in personal projects.


Advertising and catalog

Abanderado, Abbott Healthcare, Alberto Tous, Angel Schlesser, Anne Möller, Bacardi, Bayer, C-Date, Carrefour, Cervera Jewels, Denenes, G de Joies, Itxaso Drink, I X I O, Kodigo 4, Majorica, Mercedes Benz, MS&F Optics, Nestlé, Ocean, Patricia Avendaño, Princesa, Reischmann, Sistem Five, Smoggy Jeans, Standstill, Telefónica, Tsunami, Visualis, Yamimoto


.H, Booklet, Clone Magazine, CYL, Dresslab, Focus Gesundheit, GAZ, Glossy Mag, Grazia UK, Highlights Magazine, Inked Girls Magazine, Karin+Raoul, Kult, Magazine El Mundo, Magazine La Vanguardia, Man, Matador, Maxim Italia, Mujer21, Neo2, Novias de España, Planas Magazine, Rabat Magazine, Rocket Magazine, Telva, Vanidad, V!EWS, Wolf magazine, Woman, Yo Dona